Pool Day

We had a pool day at my parent’s house a couple of weeks ago after church. It sure was hot, and Gracie Belle loved the water!
Gracie’s bow: Blushbyvieve
Gracie’s dress: Carters
My dress: PinkBlush Maternity
This dress has worked wonderfully during pregnancy, as well as after. I highly recommend PinkBlush Maternity ! I have 4 dresses from there that I purchased while I was pregnant with Miss Gracie Belle.




Gracie’s Bibs: Eloise and I


We love the headband on these bows. So soft and comfy!







I love that smile!


Gracie’s hat:Honest Co.(ON SALE!)
Gracies swimsuit: SwimZip
My parents with gracie.
I think this is the perfect swim hat for babies, however we should have got Gracie a size small instead of medium. Also, the swimsuits from SwimZip are my favorite. They protect from the sun while looking super cute at the same time. I want all of them!
Thank you for stopping by! Be on the lookout for a vacation post to see more of Gracie’s swimming attire as well as tips for taking a 2 1/2 month old to the beach!
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