First I would like to thank you for checking out my space! I have been thinking..thinking, and thinking some more about creating a lifestyle blog. I love reading blogs in my spare time, as well as when I am needing some advice on different things (momming, cooking, diy, cleaning, fashion, exercise, etc). I have been reading blogs for about 3 years now. Thanks to my very best friend who had to explain to me what a “blog” was. Thanks Ashley! You can find her fashion blog here. (Cut her some slack on the lack of content lately. She is about to graduate with her masters as a nurse practitioner! WooHoo!) All of this reading and being besties with a blogger is what inspired me to create a blog of my own.
What you can expect:
Our family adventures


 Updates on our sweet Gracie Belle’s milestones
Health and Fitness
Reviews (beauty, baby, and fitness products mostly)
Some fashion- mainly I will only post certain outfits and clothing that I love and think is too good not to share with others
Gracie Belle’s Fashion- You WILL see lots of this. Dressing baby girl is just way too fun!
YOUR SUGGESTIONS- Please let me know what you would like to see, what you love, what you don’t. 
I am excited to begin this new chapter of my life (married, mom, career) and to share it on my little piece of the web. I am open to receiving as much advice as I can get. Please leave comments and feel free to contact me on any form of social media as well as my email haleyleighanne10@gmail.com.
Thanks again for stopping by, and be on the lookout for new content!
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Hello friends! Welcome to my special place where I document our great family adventure called life- with a touch of fitness, fashion, beauty, and mommy reviews. Take a look around.