Costume Crazy-1st Halloween

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Dressing this girl up in her costumes was seriously the funnest thing! We took pictures in three of her costumes. She actually has 3 more not pictured! I believe the Tinkerbell is my favorite so far. I chose the tinker bell costume for her first halloween because Peter Pan was actually my favorite movie growing up, and I dressed up as tinkerbell multiple years.
|| Costume || Bow ||
|| Costume ||
 || Costume ||
I am so excited for this Halloween since we have Gracie to dress up now. I went a little crazy in the costume department. The two minnie costumes were actually bought before she was even born last fall when I found out I was pregnant! Also, thank you so much for the pictures Rosa Haynes. Email her to schedule a session, and let her know I sent you! Stay tuned for some  festive halloween outfit posts of Miss Gracie tomorrow!
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