Gracie’s First Vacation

At the end of August we went on our first vacation with Miss Gracie Belle. We traveled from Tennessee to Panama City Beach, Florida and stayed at the Seychelles for a week. We went with Steven’s parents, sister, and her kids. It was a blast! I was so very nervous to take a 2 1/2 month old on the road for that amount of time as well as the beach. However, it turned out great! I’ve got some tips for you if you are planning to brave a beach trip with a small baby. I know I was sure googling tips before we left!
We had to take an official “first road trip” selfie! Also- We love our Baby Jogger City Go Car Seat. It made this momma feel safe all of those hours on the interstate!
We took Gracie into the ocean a few times. She seemed to like the water, however she hated the sun in her eyes (hence the sunglasses).
I ordered Gracie this swimsuit and this swimsuit. I am so glad that I did! I searched all of our local stores as well as online for a rash guard type suit small enough to fit Gracie. I was pretty paranoid about her getting sunburned, so I basically left her in this suit, with a hat, and in the shade anytime we were at the pool or beach. SwimZip is definitely a new favorite brand of ours, and we will be purchasing suits from there each year!
This was our “setup” each day on the beach. We had an EZ Up Tent, with a Graco Pack N’ Play Playard Jetsetter. We attached a portable fan to the playard to make sure Gracie stayed cool. Also if she was completely in the shade we left her in only her diaper to keep her cool as well. She loved just laying on the beach listening to all of the sounds!
I also bought these nipple shield cases, so that I had a clean place to keep the shield while we were on the beach. I also used them as pacifier cases, and still use them as pacifier cases. They work great!
We kept Gracie in disposable diapers until we were going to put her in the water, then we would put a  swim diaper on her to go under her swimsuit. I love this honest co. swim diaper, and actually have it ready to use in her size for next year!
I did not put much sunscreen on her because of her age, but her pediatrician recommended that I put Babyganics sunscreen on her face and head. As you can see it turned her face and head white!
The girls had to wear their matching minnie mouse suits one day!
Notice she is only wearing one shoe ^^^LOL
This was my swimsuit when I was a baby. My mom kept a lot of my clothes, so now Gracie is getting to try them out!
It was too windy one day on the beach, so we took turns staying with Gracie in the room. This is what I came in to find! He is such a good daddy.
I cannot say enough good things about the Tula Baby Carrier. We took it to the beach and tried it for the first time in the walmart. She fell asleep within five minutes and slept the whole time we grocery shopped for the week! We also used it walking on the pier one night, as well as walking on the beach in the morning. Oh my goodness writing about all of this makes me want to go back SO BAD! Anyways, you need this carrier in your life! We use it with the infant insert right now until Gracie reaches the weight limit to use it by itself. I also like this print since it is different then just a plain color, but it also can go for a boy or a girl, so we can use it with future kids.
We LOVE our WubbaNub ! Go here to see why we like it as well as other “must have” baby items we have and love!
I have about 50 pictures of her just like this because she was just smiling up a storm! She now smiles all the time at 4 months old!
Again, we love SwimZip.
The whole gang! The left side is quite a bit paler then the right LOL! I guess we do like our sunscreen!
*Take backpack with “diaper bag” items in it to the beach.
*Plan to hang in the shade and in the room.
*Wake up early, and put the baby to bed early (cooler for baby in the morning, and mom and dad can relax in the room in the evening).
*Take a sitter with you! (I would love to do this when Steven and I go on vacation as a family so that we can take the baby but also have dinner alone at night).
*Nurse, or formula feed baby more often since they are in the heat and more likely to dehydrate.
*Take a rock ‘n’ play for baby to sleep in. It is easy to pack into a car and move around the condo.
*Travel when it is your baby’s “sleep time”.
We had a great time at the beach, and can’t wait to go back! If you are planning a trip and have any questions or some tips that I did not mention leave them in the comments below or email me here.
Check out our Pool Day post to see more of Gracie’s swimwear!
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