Three Months Old

Gracie Belle is 3 days away from being FOUR MONTHS OLD!!! Wow, I know I have said this before, but I will say it again- Time PLEASE SLOW DOWN! It is absolutely flying by, and I am enjoying every last second of it. Today she is trying to sit up, like actually lean forward and do a sit up! I guess we are just skipping rolling over??
We took Gracie’s 3 month pictures at my parent’s house. The porch swing was seriously the best idea ever! I think we will do this each month.
We bought the Levi’s bib and diaper cover at a consignment sale, so I don’t have a link for you. I searched everywhere online, and could not find it anywhere. However, I did find this wrangler diaper cover that is very similar! It would be perfect for pictures.
Bow |




Bow |


We love this babygirl SO MUCH! I want you to stay little forever, but I love watching you grow.
Hopefully I will post her 4 month pictures very soon!
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