Our 2016 Christmas Card//Mini Session Tips

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So I planned on writing this blog post long before now. Yes I know Christmas is over, but these photos are just too good not to share! Everything we are wearing is from Old Navy of course! It is my favorite place to shop for the entire family, and right now you can get 20% off your online order with the code ENJOY. This ends tomorrow, so get to shopping! We had a Christmas mini session by the fabulous Samantha Coleman. She is seriously so talented guys! A mini session is a 15 minute long photo session. 15 MINUTES!?! To say the least I was super worried about how Gracie would act, because honestly who wants to pay for photos of their baby screaming? Yeah, nobody. Well, Sam was wonderful at capturing the best pictures that were perfect for our Christmas card. Honestly, it was cold, and Gracie was not a happy camper. However, the gingerbread cookie that was supposed to be a prop was a real hit! (She had only had formula up until this shoot lol). I am going to share some tried and true tips on how to have a successful mini session, or photoshoot in general with a baby.

Tip #1: Bring someone with you to jump around like a fool and get baby’s attention. Seriously this would have helped SOOO much! Also, you should do this if you plan on getting any photos made without the baby in the picture (if baby is screaming, hand baby off and turn it into a couple’s photoshoot).

Tip #2: Dress everyone in the outfits you love the most and want to have photos of for sure first!…See that cute sleigh photo of Gracie? Yep, its adorable. Well it was the very last photo Sam took, and the third outfit. She somehow snapped this in between Gracie’s crying and snot dripping from her red nose. We should have totally took these first!

Tip #3: Bring multiple outfits to show the photographer before the shoot in case she would rather you change. The photographer is experienced, and knows what will look best, and produce the best photos.

Tip #4: Be super early! If you get there early you can check out the backdrop, and possibly change clothes. You also won’t lose any of your “15 minutes”.

Tip #5: Bring food. Yep I said it. Bribe that baby with some cookies! It works. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Tip #6: Communicate with your photographer, and plan your outfits way ahead of time. I guess that is maybe 2 tips? But, anyways, I annoyed Sam so much sending her pictures of outfits and asking what colors would look best. I also did the same with our fall photos she did in November. However, I had the perfect outfits for our family for the backdrop and settings. It was super easy to search Old Navy’s site and then just order. I ordered extras as well, and then took back what we didn’t use. You can return things you order online to the store. So easy!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with their family and friends. I particularly loved that Christmas fell on a Sunday this year. We started our day off at Church celebrating the true meaning of Christmas. As always, thanks for reading. Be on the lookout for much more posts in the coming year!

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