Our Rustic Barn Wedding

barn wedding venue

This post is for all you newly engaged ladies! Yes, I saw all of the Facebook & Insta pics….SO EXCITING!!! I am here to share all of my tips, dos, and donts. Please feel free to email, message, or comment any questions you may have as well as what you did and loved!

wedding dress in front of barn

I got my wedding boots at Elliott’s Boots. They were great to work with and ordered exactly what I needed.

wedding dress hanging from tree

My sweet Maid of Honor/SIL/Best Friend had this made to hang my dress on. I love it!

bride and flower girl

Isbill Floral Gallery did my flowers. They were exactly like I had pictured! We shopped around for flowers and they ended up being able to give us the look we wanted for a price that was in our budget.

black and white bride bride in field with veil flower girls under veil

The veil was a hit! …and one of the only ways to get my cutie flower girls in the picture! We got my dress and veil from White Lace & Promises. I seriously cannot recommend their store enough! I went multiple times to make sure this dress was the one (I never had the crying its the one moment?!). They also worked around my school and work schedule since I was finishing up nursing school in Chattanooga as well as working. Oh, and not to mention worked amazingly with my very short timeline! We planned our wedding in 1 month. No I am not kidding, and I wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂

rustic wedding table rustic wedding reception

I love the romantic barn decor. Ok, now I want to get married again…

rustic wedding flowers wedding band

We had live music, and I 100% recommend getting a band for your wedding!! However, learn from my mistakes and make sure you have an announcer/DJ as well, because the band will not play 24/7 and you want to make sure you have music going at all times. You also want to make sure your DJ/Wedding Planner are on the same page and have a schedule of when what happens. For example, our garter song played 3 times before I even knew we were doing the garter removal…not really a song you want playing over and over. But its funny now looking back! make sure your photographer is aware of the schedule as well so that her bathroom break is not when you decide to cut the cake!

seating chart sign kids table

The kids table was a last minute idea, but it was wonderful! The kids loved it, and they were occupied the whole time. Yes we used the goldfish to bribe those babies for pictures 🙂 We used paper as the tablecloth at the kids table and they got to color the whole time!

bride and groom table wedding cake

Our cake had gold glitter sprinkles. It was exactly how I pictured it! Eva’s Bakery did our cake, and she was also wonderful to work with. Just ask Steven about all of the free cupcakes!

polaroid guest book polaroid guest book

I got the “polaroid picture guest book” idea from, of course, Pinterest! Now, unfortunately not everyone participated because of multiple entrances into the venue. So, another tip, make sure you have one entrance that everyone goes through if you decide to do this. Also, make sure you have designated people to work this table so that they “force” everyone to “sign” by taking a picture 🙂

wedding band bride and groom letters

We wrote letters to each other and read them at the same time. We were hidden behind a door so we still didn’t see each other. I loved this. It makes me want to write letters regularly to each other. I think that may need to be something we start this year 🙂

wedding procession

I definitely had the best looking crowd of kids in my wedding!

bride and dad

I was so nervous to walk down the isle. I was having palpitations and all. But once we started I seriously could not stop smiling. There was no chance of me crying, because I was smiling from ear to ear. I was so happy!

bride and groom bride and groom

wedding party

And then we were hitched!!! It was the best day surrounded by the best people!

wedding party bride and groom bride and groom bride and groom first dance wedding band kids dancing at wedding kids dancing at wedding just married car just married car

September 26th, 2015 was one of the best days of my life! I married my forever love. We got married at the perfect venue, The Murphy Farm. The owner is an absolute joy to work with, and did everything in her power to make our day perfect! Now I promised you ya’ll some tips! I honestly would have had a smaller more intimate wedding if I could go back and do it again. Keep in mind that it is your day! Do what is going to make you and your future spouse enjoy it the most. If I could have chose anything (we were on a time clock) I would have got married where we had our rehearsal dinner at my grandparents house, and only invited close family and friends. Or… I would have had a destination wedding. The only issue with a destination wedding is that I wanted our grandparents to be there, and traveling for them would have been difficult. I also would have splurged on a professional videographer that would have created a movie for us. That would have been something we could cherish forever. If you have any specific questions, again please feel free to ask! Also, honeymoon babies are the sweetest 🙂 🙂 Good luck planning the first day of your forever!!

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  1. Shelby says:

    The Groom’s cake made of Rolo’s was to die for!

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