8 Month Old Snuggle Bunny

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Today, Gracie Belle is 8 months old! Time is flying by so fast. I sure do miss that brand new newborn, but I love watching her learn new things everyday. She babbles constantly, and says dada, but I think she doesn’t actually realize Steven is her daddy. I think thats just the sound that is easy for her to make. She sits up all on her own, and can get to where she wants to go slowly but surely. She doesn’t exactly crawl, but she can scoot herself around. Still no teeth, but EVERYTHING goes in her mouth. She loves music, and learned to clap a few days ago! She loves to eat baby food, but still wants our food more. Carrots are her favorite. She is the happiest baby I know. She never cries, and is so content just playing with her toys. We are truly blessed with her, and I thank God for it everyday. Stay tuned for first birthday planning details! Leave your ideas and tips in the comments below!


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  1. Ophalyn Lee says:

    Love this! and cute baby:)

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