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I feel like I start, and I start, and I start, but I never finish. My energy level is lower then its ever been. I have 20+ pounds to lose to get back to my pre-baby weight. Not to mention that I am busier then ever with an 8 month old! I have not been taking care of myself at all in the past 17 months really. I used being pregnant as an excuse to eat whatever I wanted as well as being lazy and not exercising. And well, the past 8 months I have not been motivated at all to eat right and exercise regularly. This has got to CHANGE! I have a baby girl that will be looking up to me for the rest of my life, and I want that to be a long one. I want her to grow up in a home that makes it a priority to take care of the bodies God gave us. And right now that is not the case. After our yearly wellness visit in January, Steven and I both found out that our cholesterol & blood sugars were not good at all (mine has been bad for years). We have to CHANGE this.

We started using Advocare products in 2012. I have used them on and off, and always see results when I use them consistently. I plan to start incorporating the supplements back into my daily routine. Pictured above are the products I use and love. SPARK is something I have always used consistently, and honestly I am addicted. I am semi ok with that because I believe that it is better for me then coffee or cokes or energy drinks. However, I would like to get to a place where I do not have to have spark daily, and only drink it during those times I really need some extra energy.

At our house we have figured out that if it is in the fridge or cabinet then we will eat it! So basically, we will only be buying healthy foods. We will also make sure we have them on hand so that we are not tempted to go out to eat so often (Mexican Food- YUM). However, my husband is the pickiest eater ever! He doesn’t like any vegetables cooked, or leafy greens, or beans, or cooked grains, or fish, or tomatoes, peppers, onions. He doesn’t like soups or chilis. So basically there are not many choices when it comes to dinner time. I am not a “cook” by any means, but I know that if I make an effort to cook a healthy dinner daily then we will eat it. But how am I supposed to cook for both of us?? The only vegetables he eats are raw carrots and celery… HELP! Leave ideas and recipes in the comments!

My SIL is a workout-aholic…like I don’t know where all of her energy and motivation come from, but I need some of it. So I plan to start working out with her in the evenings, which I have already started doing some. We mainly do DVDs, or if it is pretty outside we will go run/walk. I follow the Run for God running schedule when I am building up my endurance. It is similar to the Couch to 5k. I personally love doing the Tone It Up workouts. I am actually a member of their nutrition plan, so I get lots of free recipes and workouts as well as their weekly members only newsletter. If you are a Tone It Up girl give me a shoutout in the comments! just search the hashtag #tiuteam on Instagram and you will see what an awesome community of women it is! Also the recipes and workouts pair perfectly with the Advocare cleanse and 24 day challenge.

SO….a combination of all of this is what I plan to do! I am already doing some of this here and there, but I have to really be consistent with all of it! If you have any questions please eave them in the comments below. If you are curious about Advocare and would like to try it let me know. I am actually an advisor and can send you samples! Now for the good part!!!! A giveaway!!!!! I am giving away 1 box of spark. The winner gets to choose what flavor they would like.


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