Park Day with our City Select Stroller

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Aren’t these two twinsies just the cutest? AnnaLea really just wanted to play on the playground instead of take pictures. Can’t blame her! The slide was pretty fun 🙂 playground playground playground

We received the Baby Jogger City Select stroller as well as the City GO car seat as gifts at our baby shower. I knew I wanted a stroller that would grow with our family. This stroller can be used in so many different ways!

baby jogger city select

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If we lived somewhere where we walked regularly from our home I would have also purchased the bassinet. I have never really liked the idea of Gracie being cooped up in her car seat for long periods of time (she hasn’t ever seemed to mind lol). So the bassinet would be great if you plan to take regular walks from your house, or when the baby will be in the stroller for longer periods of time. However, the car seat attaches to the stroller, which is AWESOME for those quick trips in and out of the store. Especially when the babe is asleep (who wants to wake a sleeping baby when you are only running in to grab diapers??). The City GO car seat works great with the stroller and I love the sleek black design! I know, I am officially excited over lame mom things lol, like how cute my stroller-car seat setup is! I only recommend the City GO if you also plan on having a baby jogger stroller that it will attach to.

I know the name of the brand may make you think otherwise, but this is NOT a jogging stroller. However it does great on pavement while power walking! It is super easy to push!

Let me know what stroller you have and love in the comments below! Make sure you are following me on Snapchat: haleyleighanne1 and Instagram to see us on our walks and when we are out and about in our stroller!


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