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Baby in Bib

Okay to clarify what you are thinking, YES, I did taste each of these baby foods… Some were awful, and some were delicious. (like I could have downed the jar delicious!) I know everyone has their own opinion when it comes to all things baby, especially feeding baby. I completely support and agree with breastfeeding as long as possible, making your own baby food, and am really interested in learning about baby led weaning (even though we are past that point…hmm bacon smashed potatoes at O’Charley’s last night)…never say never before you have kids<<<That topic deserves its own post lol! Anyways…I tasted all of the different baby foods pictured. Gracie tasted most of them, but to be honest there was no way I was going to feed her some of the really disgusting ones. Keep reading to find out the winner/winners!

Baby Food

| Once Upon A Farm | Happy Baby | Beechnut (Naturals & Classics) | Gerber | Plum Organics | Parent’s Choice |

Baby Mango Comparison

I tasted the Mango brands first. All of these were served at room temperature, except for the Once Upon A Farm brand. They were stored in the fridge. Gracie actually prefers most of her baby food cold. Especially fruits. If you notice, the Beechnut Naturals mango is a little lighter in color and thicker in texture. The Once Upon A Farm mango is lighter in color. Both of those were my favorites out of the Mango options!

After tasting them all, I DID NOT feed her Parent’s Choice, Gerber, or Beechnut Originals. Those were really bad… I actually do not care for mangos in general, so this was tough for me. Steven tried a few of them, but he was not to keen on trying any baby food at all. He thought I was a little crazy doing this, but in my opinion, if I wouldn’t eat it, why in the world would I feed it to my child???

Baby Food Mango ComparisonFeeding Baby in Highchair

This highchair was actually mine when I was a baby. Now, I do not recommend using 24 year old highchairs, but we were shooting this at my parents, and she was being very closely supervised.

Baby Pears

Next up, Pears! The only brand added was Beechnut Organics.

Baby Pears Comparison

The thicker textures were so much better! I liked the Beechnut Organics, Naturals, and Once Upon A Farm best! Now, I know you are wondering why in the world that one is so dark! I honestly did not know either, so I asked the company! Once Upon A Farm does not add lemon juice or citric acid to their pears. The skin is left on the pears, and they are not cooked. They are blended fresh and cold pressed. I discovered this company on Instagram, and immediately reached out to them to review their product. The process they use to make their baby food is so interesting to me.

Baby Food Pears ComparisonBaby In Highchair

Gracie bibs are from Bumkins. These are seriously the best bibs I have found! Long sleeve, and the material is great because you can just wipe them off. For those really messy days you can even throw these in the washing machine. Bumpkins sent me a few long sleeved bibs to try, as well as a teething necklace, silicone grip dish, and snack bags from their Nixi Collection. Gracie will be eating snacks before we know it, so I can’t wait to try those out. We have been using the teething necklace at church some, and it is great because she cannot throw it on the floor! The Teething Jewelry is so cute and unique! Also…they have a Disney Collection….Dr. Seuss CollectionNintendo Collection, and bib with capes! Yes, capes! This company has it all, and the prices are very reasonable in my opinion!

Once Upon A Farm

So how does Once Upon A Farm make their baby food? HPP! Below is a paragraph from their website explaining the process.

“High Pressure Pascalization (HPP) or “Cold-Pressure,” refers to the process by which fresh food products, such as juice and baby food, are preserved as opposed to heat.

HPP is a method of preserving packaged food products using extremely high pressure. The process leads to the elimination of any potential harmful bacteria while maintaining a higher yield of vitamins, minerals and enzymes, and preserving a fresher taste than thermal pasteurization.

It is comparable to dropping our pouches to the deepest part of the ocean floor and multiplying that pressure by five! High Pressure Processing is recognized by the FDA for preserving freshness and increasing shelf life without preservatives.” -Once Upon A Farm

Once Upon a Farm also offers a free trial on their website! Seriously, you can’t beat that! You only have to pay shipping, and you get every flavor! (There is even a chocolate flavor for 18 months+)!!!!

Feeding Baby

So, after testing and using them all, you may be asking what are our favorites?? I love Beechnut Organics when I need to buy shelf stable food from the store. Gracie really likes all of the flavors they offer, and the ones I have tried are good as well. When I want something “home made”, but am unable to cook anything myself, I love using Once Upon A Farm. However, I still recommend buying the freshest organic local ingredients you can find and cooking and/or blending those yourself to feed your baby. Now, if you know me “in real life” (as my niece would say), then you know I very rarely cook. My husband and I have a great system. He cooks, and I clean. We are both much happier that way 🙂 So, until Gracie can eat some steak off the grill I will be feeding her mainly Beechnut Organics (also, Earth’s Best, and Ella’s kitchen) as well as Once Upon A Farm. If you have baby foods you love, or suggestions and/or tips, leave those in the comments below. I would love to read them!

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