Wednesday Wishlist NO. 1

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I hope you like my Wednesday Wishlist! I hope to start doing this weekly every Wednesday. I am really into rash guard type swimsuits for Gracie. I just know she is going to love the water based on her love for baths! I want to protect her skin as much as possible (something I wish I would have cared more about back in high school…hmm prom time ??). I have had too much tanning bed and laying in the sun until I am fried time in my life. I LOVE the lemonade PJ set! It was sold out last night, but now it looks like it has been restocked! That Denim jacket in the second collage?!?! Gracie BELLE has got to have it! I have said this before, but I will say it again. If you see something you love for summer, you better just go buy it now, because it will sell out quick (lemonade PJ set for example).

30% OFF AT OLD NAVY TODAY, & 40% OFF AT GAP (NO EXCLUSIONS!!) – guys! Gap doesn’t run 40% AND no exclusions very often!! If you decide to order, please order through any of the links above, and I would be greatly appreciated. The more you support my blog, the more I can do for my readers!

Another thing, I used to be a big fan of Old Navy’s shoes for Gracie because they are just so darn cute, but here lately she will not keep them on her feet. I invested in these sandals, and they seem to stay on better. She is wearing about a size 2 and trying to walk, so comment below with your favorite shoes that stay on good and are cute. I will also need a pair of water shoes asap! We are ready to go to the creek with Gracie. Happy Wednesday everyone.

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