Perfect Pool Day

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pool baby pool baby pool baby pool baby pool baby pool baby pool baby pool baby pool baby pool baby pool baby

Sometimes Gracie loves the pool, and sometimes she hates it! Her Papa got her a Minnie Mouse pool at the dollar store, and so far it has been well worth his money. She would rather be playing in it on her own then being held in the big pool. She gets hot very quickly when we are outside, so we have tried to spend more days by the pool. I always try to keep a hat on her head. I usually even have her in a sleeved swimsuit or rash guard. I want her to have the least amount of sun damage as possible. Of course I do not want her to have to deal with skin cancer later in life, but there are many more reasons I want to preserve her skin. Wrinkles, sun spots, discoloration, dryness, and aging are all made worse with exposure to the sun. I plan on teaching her healthy habits (and to learn from my mistakes) in all aspects of her life. Babyganics sunscreen seems to work really well for Gracie Belle. Her pediatrician recommended it, and it does not seem to burn her eyes at all. The swimsuit she is wearing is adorable, but here, here, and here are some awesome swimsuits that are sleeved and protect more against the sun. I also really want Gracie to get used to wearing sunglasses, so that her eyes will be protected. We have 2 pair of Babiator Sunglasses, and Gracie will not leave them on for a second. They are even polarized! This company is great for kids, because they will replace them if they break, and even if they get lost or stolen! Please give me all your advice on baby sunscreen, swim suits, swim shoes, swim hats, and how to get my kid to wear sunglasses in the comments below. Always looking for advice 🙂 Happy Pool Days!

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  1. She’s adorable! We love Babyganics !

  2. Ashley says:

    She’s just the cutest baby ever! Tell her Aunt Ashley says she should keep her sunnies on because they look so cute with her suit! Lol love you girls!!!!

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