Gap x Disney Favorites

Last fall I discovered something that is seriously going to make me broke forever…. Gap collaborates with Disney! If you know me “in real life”, then you know that Gap and Old Navy are my favorite places to shop for the whole family, but especially Gracie Belle. I have recently gotten a lot of questions about her clothes, so I thought I would share some of my favorite Disney outfits from Gap right now. I included a few boy options because they were too cute not to! I am even tempted to get a couple of them for Gracie. I actually buy quite a bit of her clothes in the baby boy section. TIP: Buy Disney Gap items online, because the stores do not have a good selection. Click the arrow to the right of the widget (photo) to scroll through my picks! -We already own two of the items I listed (blog post to come). Can you guess which ones in the comments?! I would love to hear which outfits are your favorite, and if you have ever purchased any items from the Disney collection at Gap.

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