Bath Time//Our Favorite

baby in bath tub

Gracie Belle absolutely LOVES bath time! She could literally be screaming her head off and the moment we put her in the tub, she is all smiles. We usually use this 4 Moms bathtub, but we received the duck tub from good ol’ Santa Clause 🙂 She kicks…

Lost October Memories//Her First Fall

Baby Gracie in a pumpkin on Halloween in the Fall or Autumn at four months old

October literally FLEW by. It is one of my favorite months. The air is getting cooler, and all I want to do is build fires, make smores, and stay outside. This year it was HOT! No fires for us, especially with all the dry weather we have been having. I totally did not take the usual “flower month picture” that I had planned to take every month of Gracie. We did however take plenty of pictures this October. You already know that if you have been keeping up with the blog. And yes, of course we had to do the baby in a pumpkin picture. Gracie was not a fun, and really wanted to eat that pumpkin. She developed a little personality this October. She smiles all the time now, and even learned to laugh! We visited 3 pumpkin patches, and made 2 Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge trips.

Costume Crazy-1st Halloween

I am so excited for this Halloween since we have Gracie to dress up now. I went a little crazy in the costume department. The two minnie costumes were actually bought before she was even born last fall when I found out I was pregnant! Also, thank you so much for the pictures Rosa Haynes Email her to schedule a session, and let her know I sent you! Stay tuned for some festive halloween outfit posts of Miss Gracie tomorrow!

Three Months Old

Gracie Belle is 3 days away from being FOUR MONTHS OLD!!! Wow, I know I have said this before, but I will say it again- Time PLEASE SLOW DOWN! It is absolutely flying by, and I am enjoying every last second of it. Today she is trying to sit up, like actually lean forward and do a sit up! I guess we are just skipping rolling over??

Our Breastfeeding Story

I will start off by saying that breastfeeding is the hardest thing I have ever done in my entire life. There is nothing that can prepare your for the physical and emotional demands it brings. I was so determined while I was pregnant to “breastfeed for one year”. I wanted my baby to have the best of the best, and that meant breast milk. I just knew I would be able to do it. Gracie weighed 7 pounds when she was born on a Thursday evening. I had complications