Memorial Day | A Whole New Meaning

fourth of july baby

| Gracie’s Shoes | Gracie’s Outfit & Hat | Gracie’s Swimsuit | Happy Memorial Day!   -photos from the going away party for Will. Today means a little more and really just hits home this year. Last Monday, May 22nd, my baby brother joined the Army and left for basic training. I am so scared, nervous,…

Finally Time for Spring!

Jord Wood Watch

I am so happy it is finally spring, and the weather is nice enough to get out and about with our sweet babe! (We are actually currently under a tornado watch, and tomorrow it is supposed to snow *Insert Eye Roll Emoji*) However, the other day we went to downtown Chattanooga, and the weather was perfect. We ate at a new…

Christmas Recap/Gracie’s First Snow Day!

baby sledding

Just some long lost Christmas photos as well as a recap from Gracie’s first snow day! Use the widget below to shop a similar snowsuit, as well as some more favorites that are all on clearance!