First Look//Break or Keep Tradition

bride and groom

Every time I look back ¬†at these photos I’m like “I was pregnant and didn’t know it!” We had this photo session done when we got back from our honeymoon. We have this sort of tradition to take photos over at my grandparents house. For example, I have had sweet sixteen, senior photos, engagement, wedding,…

Our Rustic Barn Wedding

bride and groom

This post is for all you newly engaged ladies! Yes, I saw all of the Facebook & Insta pics….SO EXCITING!!! I am here to share all of my tips, dos, and donts. Please feel free to email, message, or comment any questions you may have as well as what you did and loved! I got…

Wedding Series: Rehearsal Dinner

I am posting a wedding series this week. There are SO many great photos from that weekend that there is no way I can narrow it down to just one post. This first post, as the title says, is the rehearsal dinner. We had the rehearsal dinner at my grandparents house. I absolutely LOVED it. It was the perfect weather (unlike my wedding day). Oh yeah, and do you see that mason jar chandelier? My grandparents made that. Maybe we should do a tutorial? Let me know in the comments if that would be something y’all would want to see. We had smoked pork and chicken, AND BEAR! Now thats not something just anyone can say they ate at their rehearsal dinner! My grandaddy smoked it all in his smoker.