Baby Food Taste Test

Baby Food Pears Comparison

Okay to clarify what you are thinking, YES, I did taste each of these baby foods… Some were awful, and some were delicious. (like I could have downed the jar delicious!) I know everyone has their own opinion when it comes to all things baby, especially…

Finally Time for Spring!

Jord Wood Watch

I am so happy it is finally spring, and the weather is nice enough to get out and about with our sweet babe! (We are actually currently under a tornado watch, and tomorrow it is supposed to snow *Insert Eye Roll Emoji*) However, the other day we went to downtown Chattanooga, and the weather was perfect. We ate at a new…

8 Month Old Snuggle Bunny


Today, Gracie Belle is 8 months old! Time is flying by so fast. I sure do miss that brand new newborn, but I love watching her learn new things everyday. She babbles constantly, and says dada, but I think she doesn’t actually realize Steven is her daddy. I think thats just…

Bath Time//Our Favorite

baby in bath tub

Gracie Belle absolutely LOVES bath time! She could literally be screaming her head off and the moment we put her in the tub, she is all smiles. We usually use this 4 Moms bathtub, but we received the duck tub from good ol’ Santa Clause 🙂 She kicks…

Christmas Recap/Gracie’s First Snow Day!

baby sledding

Just some long lost Christmas photos as well as a recap from Gracie’s first snow day! Use the widget below to shop a similar snowsuit, as well as some more favorites that are all on clearance!